REAL GANGSTER CRIME MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Are you looking for an action simulation game to play in your leisure time? Here is an addictive action simulation game that you can play in your spare time to have fun. Real Gangster Crime Mod apk is an interesting action game played all across the world. The game has approximately 100 Million downloads on the Play Store and a rating of 4.1 stars. The game has realistic graphics and amazing sound effects. You can explore in an open-world city. You have complete freedom to do whatever you want in the city. 

You can explore different locations in the city and choose the best one for your criminal and illegal activities. Your main task is to engage in illegal activities in the city to build your gang and be a gangster. You can rob the banks, and supermarkets, steal the vehicles on the roads from citizens, run a drug business, and engage in other illegal activities to be the biggest gangster in the city. You can also build relations with other gangsters to increase your influence. 

You can use plenty of weapons and explosives in the game for gangster tripping and target killing and can destroy the city’s peace. By performing these activities you will earn money that you can use to buy different items in the game.

Multiple minigames in the game are interesting and engaging. You can customize the character in the game as per your preference. You can play this action game without lacking resources with unlimited money and gems in the Modified version. You get everything and all the gangsters unlocked in the game which makes the game more exciting.

SECURITY100 % SECURE | Personally Tested
MOD INFOUnlimited Money, Gems, Everything unlocked


Real Gangster Mod apk is an amazing action and simulation game played all across the world. The game is widely played because of its exciting gameplay and stunning graphics. You can play the game for hours without getting bored. In the game, you have the task of raising your gang and building an empire of illegal activities. You can explore an open-world city to select the perfect site for your criminal activities. You can rob banks and supermarkets, steal vehicles from the people on the roads, and do illegal business such as drug dealing. You can also use weapons and explosives to target killing and terrorize the people of the city. You will get money by performing these illegal activities. 

You can use these money and gems to buy customization items of your character and weapons and can upgrade these weapons. These are also other legal activities and missions that can reward you as well. These include some simple missions and minigames that you can play to earn money without violating the laws of the city. The brilliant game graphics and stunning sound effects add realism to the game making it more exciting.


The game introduces many significant features that will surely persuade you to play this exciting strategy game. Below are the details of the Key features of Real gangster crime:


Open-world city

In the game, you can explore the city and its different locations. The City has all those buildings that are essential to any city. These buildings include Factories, Warehouses, Casinos, Clubs, Hospitals, Police stations and other buildings. You can explore all these buildings in the city to choose the perfect site for your criminal and gangster activities. Most commonly, the factories and old warehouses are the best places to manage these gangs. 

There are different locations in the city such as the Industrial Area, Suburban and urban areas, and commercial areas. Also, you can explore bustling streets and skyscrapers and visit nightclubs and casinos to have fun. The city has complete infrastructure, traffic patterns, and pedestrian paths. You can forcefully take the cars on the roads from the citizens. The game gives you the exciting experience of a gangster in a virtual city.

Diverse Missions

There are plenty of missions for the player in this Simulation game. The player can perform various tasks in the game. These missions include robbing banks, stores, and other valuable shops and buildings. You can steal cars, bikes, and other vehicles in the game from the roads easily which will help you travel long distances in a short time. 

You can run a drug business in the game and build your drug empire. You can be the drug lord of the city by engaging with other drug lords in the city. As a gangster, you can assemble your gang with small street criminals. You can guide them in robbery and other illegal activity and be their boss. You can also deal with other illegal criminal organizations in the game to make your impact and influence.

You can participate in territorial gang battles against your enemies. You should defend your territory from rival gangs and attack your rivals to frighten your enemies. You can build your empire or mafia to perform illegal activities by taking money from influential and strong people in the cities for target killing, robbing, and other illegal activities. Check the exciting and thrilling missions of Bike Clash Mod APK.

Weapons and Combat

There is a wide range of weapons that you can use in gangster tripping, fights, and other illegal activities. All weapons had unique powers and characteristics. You have to choose an accurate weapon with specific characteristics to complete the mission successfully. These weapons include pistols, knives, shotguns, miniguns, grenades, explosives, and other deadly weapons. You can use these weapons to outclass your rival gangs in the gangster tripping. 

Also, you can use multiple techniques to overcome your enemies. You can use special moves and perform takedowns to defeat your rivals with style. You will be able to upgrade your weapons in the game. Upgrading your weapons will enhance their powers and abilities and you can perform the illegal activities more easily.


You will be able to customize your characters in the game as you like. You can select the outfits of your character. You will be able to customize your character with different tattoos, skin colors and outfits. You can select different hairstyles for your character. Give your character a unique and terrifying look as it represents an emperor of gangsters and illegal activities. You can choose the gender of your character in the game. Explore the enhanced customization options and techniques of Dr. Driving Mod APK.

Other Activities

There are various side activities that you can perform to earn money and other rewards. Also, these activities will keep you engaged. These include:

  • Street Races: You can participate in street racing contests against game AI opponents or other online players. Nick a fast car from the road and takes part in these races to earn money and other exclusive rewards. 
  • Casino Games: Casino games are very exciting to play. You can check your luck and skills by playing these casino games. Place bets and make your fortune from gambling in the game.
  • Shooting Range: You can also participate in shooting contests where you can show your shooting skills and improve them. Rewards will based on your performance in the contest.
  • Delivery Missions: You can also work as a delivery boy in the city where you have to deliver different from one place to another within a specific time limit. Make sure a safe delivery to earn rewards.


There are plenty of minigames to play in the city. These minigames are mostly puzzle games, arcade challenges, and other activities such as interaction with other people or gangsters in the city. These minigames are interesting to play and you will get rewards by playing the minigames. 

Stunning Graphics

The game has stunning and realistic graphics. The game has complex but very detailed graphics that make the game realistic. Everything in the game has complex and detailed graphics and has been designed with stunning effort. The design of all the locations, areas, and buildings are unique and amazing and immerse the players in the game. The weather and lighting effects while using any gun or weapon are brilliant. The graphics perfectly create the atmosphere of an urban open-world city. 

Sound Effects 

The sound effects and music in the game are remarkable and keep the players engaged. The sound of firing and bomb blasts in the game is quite realistic. The background music in any game is very essential and describes the complete gameplay. In this game, background music creates sensation and perfectly describes the scenes in an open-world city. The sound of people in the public areas and the sound of vehicles are quite realistic. You will feel like roaming in an open-world city in this game. 


Modded Features of REAL GANGSTER CRIME

The Mod APK of Real Gangster makes the game more exciting as one can get Infinite Money and Gems in this version. Also, the Mod version features everything including weapons and all characters unlocked. For detailed information, read more below:

Real gangster crime unlimited money

Money in the game is the most important currency as it is used to purchase many useful things in the game. You can use the money to buy weapons, houses, explosives, vehicles, and other items in the city. You can earn the money by legal and illegal both ways. You can rob banks, stores, and other places. You can do drug dealing, gangster tripping, and target killing to earn money. Legal resources to earn money are completing missions and playing minigames. However, in the Mod version, you get unlimited money. Now, you can buy any item in the game using this infinite money without spending a penny.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are used to buy premium items in the game such as exclusive costumes for your characters and to upgrade your weapons and explosives. You can get the gems by completing missions and completing tasks. But in the Mod apk version, you get unlimited gems. Now, you can buy premium items and upgrade your weapons to the maximum level without lacking gems. You can enjoy all the premium features of the game with unlimited gems. Take a minute and have a look on that same feature of limitless gems of Dragon City Mod APK.

Unlocked Everything

In the game, some items are initially locked and you have to use resources to unlock these items. These items include costumes and outfits of your characters, several weapons,

and different vehicles. But with the feature of Unlocked Everything in the Mod version, you get all the items unlocked. Now, you don’t need to spend money to unlock these items as you get all these items unlocked in the Mod version.

All Gangsters Unlocked

There are multiple gangsters in the game with unique skills, playstyles, and roles. You can select the gangster that suits your playstyle better. In the original version, you have to unlock the gangsters by using resources to use the gangsters in the game. But another exciting feature of the Mod version allows you to use any gangster in the game without unlocking them initially. Now you can enjoy the game with any gangster in the open-world city.

Free Shopping

Another amazing feature of the Mod version is Free shopping. You can buy all the items including premium items from the game shop without spending a single penny. You do not need to spend coins and gems to purchase anything. You can enjoy all the premium items in the game.

No ads

It is disturbing to watch ads while playing games as the ads drive your attention away from the game. We have also solved this problem in our Mod apk version. Now you can enjoy the ads-free game by installing the Mod apk version of the game from our website.

How to Install?

Follow these simple steps to install Real Gangster Crime Mod apk on your device:

  • Delete the normal version of the game if it is already present on your device.
  • Install the MOD apk version from our website.
  • Find the APK file in the documents or Download section of your device.
  • Wait till the installation process is complete.
  • Open the app and enjoy ads-free gaming.
  • You must enable Unknown Sources from settings to install the APK file.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Real Gangster Crime Mod apk has several advantages that make the game interesting and exciting. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Mod apk version of the game:

  • In the Mod version, you get infinite Money.
  • In the Mod version, you get infinite Gems.
  • You will get everything unlocked in the Mod version. 
  • You will get all the gangsters unlocked in the Mod version.
  • You can purchase all the in-game items free of cost.
  • You will get the latest version of the game from our website.
  • Ads free game.
  • The risk of the ban is the biggest disadvantage of the MOD apk version.
  • You may have to install some other files before the one you want.
  • Sometimes, the Modded versions are unsteady as compared to the normal version of the app.
  • Using the Mod apk version can cause data loss and you may lose your in-game progress.
  • Sometimes, you mistakenly download some other app instead of what you wanted to download. This can cause the loss of your precious time.

Some Hot Features in the mod apk of REAL GANGSTER CRIME

Here are some hot and Exclusive features of Real Gangster Crime Mod APK:



The best open-world game I have ever played. You will get the most real feeling of exploring an amazing city in a virtual world. You can perform any kind of activity in the game: both legal and illegal. You can take part in bank robberies, street crimes, target killing, drug dealing, and other illegal criminal activities to earn rewards. You can build your gang and your main aim should be the biggest gangster in the city. 
You can also use different weapons to perform your criminal activities with ease. The money you will earn from these activities can be used to purchase different items in the game such as costumes and weapons. The minigames are quite funny and interesting to play. There are plenty of gangsters that you can use in this game. The graphics of the game are realistic and best among all other real-world games like this game. Those who like to play simulation games with action will surely love this game. Mod features like unlimited money and gems and everything unlocked make the game easier and more exciting for you.


Real Gangster Crime Mod apk is the best real-world simulation game. The graphics and sound effects are fascinating and immerse the player in a virtual world. You can do plenty of illegal activities to earn money. These activities include robbing banks, target killing, stealing vehicles on the roads, and running illegal businesses such as drug dealing. You can customize your character in the game as you want by selecting outfits, tattoos, chains, and other items for your character.
There are also other missions and minigames that you can play to earn money legally. In the Mod apk version, you will get infinite gems and money so that you can play the game with maximum resources. You will get everything unlocked in the Mod version so that you can enjoy all the features of this game. You can select any gangster that suits your playstyle as you get all the characters unlocked in the Mod version. So, stop playing the original boring version and download Real Gangster Crime apk mod now.


 Yes, it is safe to download the Mod version of this game as it is malware-free.

Yes, the game is free to download: Original and MOD versions both.

Yes, the game is also compatible with iOS.

Unlimited Money, gems, All gangsters, and everything unlocked.

Yes, you can play the Mod apk version of the game on PC using emulators.

The modified version of the game is offline

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
  • HDD: 5GB free Disk Space
  • RAM: 4GB or more 
  • Processor: AMD or Intel Processor