DR. DRIVING MOD APK (Unlimited Coins and Rubies)

In this modern time, the gaming industry has rapidly made many revolutionary steps to enhance the gaming experience of users. But still, some people like to play the old-fashioned game because they like their simple gameplay and these games give them the feeling of their good past. There are many iterative mobile games played these days and Dr. Driving Mod APK is also one of them. It is a game with brilliant graphics and simple yet engaging gameplay and people of all ages find it exciting to play. However, people are getting bored by the repetition of the same gameplay again and again and want something new in this game. Therefore, we have developed a modified version of this game with unlimited resources and other exciting features so that players can have the best gaming experience and enjoy the game at maximum level.

Dr. Driving Mod APK is a famous and interesting driving simulation game played all across the world. This game gives the user a realistic vehicle driving experience on 3D graphical routes. There are multiple missions in the game that you can play and each one is different from others. You can choose whether you want to drive on a long Highway or Heavy traffic roads. In multiplayer mode, you can compete with other players from all across the world. Using the Mod apk version of the game gives you many advantages such as unlimited gold and fuel and all the cars are unlocked from the start of the game. Download the game now and have fun.

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introduction of DR. DRIVING Mod APK

Dr. Driving Mod apk is a simple game in which you have to drive only. The game is so basic that even a small kid can play this game easily. But it doesn’t mean that the game is for kids only. There are many brilliant features in the game that make this game exciting and worth playing for users of every age. The graphics of the game are stunning. 

There are multiple missions in the game that you can play to have fun. Each mission is unique and different from other missions. By completing missions, you will get money that you can use to buy new cars and to upgrade the existing ones or repair their parts. You can drive through highways and crowded traffic roads. In multiplayer mode, you can play this game with other players from all across the world. You can compete with them for the top spot on the weekly leaderboard. To play multiplayer mode, you have to sign in with Google. 


Below are the details of all the significant features of the game that make the game exciting and worth playing.


3 Different camera modes

In Dr. Driving mod apk, there are three different angles of the cameras that display the game in three different ways. The first angle shows you the interior part of the car. You can see fuel, steering, brakes, accelerator, and indicators easily. The second angle shows you only necessary menus that are needed to drive the car. In the third angle, you will see your car from behind from some distance. You can switch the camera modes by clicking on the camera shown on the screen. These multiple camera angles help you in different modes of the game.

Missions in Dr. Driving

There are plenty of game missions in the Dr. Driving Mod apk. These missions include:

  • Drift mission: In a drift mission, you have to fill the drift meter by drifting your cars. Make sure to stay in your lane otherwise, you might hit some other car in the game.  
  • Vip Escort: In a VIP escort, you serve as a taxi. You have to take proper care of the comfort of passengers which is the actual task in that mission.
  • Fuel Efficiency: You have to reach the finish line before you run out of fuel. You should save as much fuel as possible.
  • Parking: Park your vehicle at the parking spot without hitting other cars.
  • Broken Brake: Drive your car without brakes and reach the finish line without any accident.
  • Speed mission: In a speed mission, you have to reach the finish line as soon as possible.
  • Speed Highway mission: In speed Highway mission, you have to concentrate on your maximum speed without turns.

Brilliant Graphics

The graphics of the Dr. Driving mod apk are simple but eye-catching. There are multiple cars in the game and each has unique graphics. The graphics of the tracks and parts of the car are also amazing and engage the player throughout the game. Take a look on Brilliant graphics of Dragon City Mod APK.

Customize your Vehicle

Customizing and upgrading your vehicle will help you in the game and make your game easier for you. The most important part of every vehicle is its engine, which performs all the major functions of the vehicle. To make your gameplay interesting and easier you should upgrade the engine of your vehicle from time to time. Also upgrading tires, weight distribution and brakes of the vehicle helps you in controlling your vehicle precisely and makes your drive safer. You must upgrade your vehicles constantly to make your gameplay easier.

Path of your own choice

In Dr. Driving mod apk, you can choose the track of your own choice. You can choose to drive on a highway or a busy road. On the highway, you have to travel straight with speed. In traffic and busy roads, you have to take turns and critical moves that improve your gameplay. The game becomes exciting when it is a little harder to play.  

Intuitive controls

The game controls are very simple. You can move your vehicles by tilting the steering of vehicles.  Accelerators and brakes are clearly shown on the screen to increase the speed of the car and stop the car respectively. When you have a better touch system, you can control the vehicle better. If you like the games with simple control, then you must check the game controls of Bike Clash Mod APK.

Plenty of vehicles

In Dr. Driving Mod apk there are 27 vehicles that you can unlock at different levels of the game. There are plenty of vehicles and different varieties of vehicles like buses and cars. There are many expensive vehicles also present in the game. You can unlock these vehicles by spending coins. You can buy 15 vehicles from 27 and can rent the remaining one for 30 minutes. Using this option, you can drive multiple vehicles in the game.

Multiplayer mode

In multiplayer mode, you can play the game with other online players from all across the world. To play multiplayer mode, you should sign in with Google Play. You can play the game with your friends by connecting with Facebook. In Multiplayer mode, you can secure the top position in the leaderboard of Dr. Driving multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode will surely improve your gameplay as it is the most competitive mode of the game.


Modded Features of DR. DRIVING

For the best User Experience we have developed the Mod version with Limitless game resources. Also, you get all the cars unlocked and there will be no more fuel limitation in the game. The details are given below:

Unlimited Gold Coins

In the game, you have to complete the missions and tasks to get rewards and coins. You can use these coins to buy multiple vehicles. It is a very time-consuming process. But in Dr. Driving Mod apk, you get unlimited coins free of cost. So, you can buy any vehicle without money and rent the other vehicles. You can also have unlimited coins in 8 Ball Pool Mod APK.

Unlocked All Cars

In the normal version of Dr. Driving, you have to spend the money to unlock the car you want. It is a time-consuming process to make a complete collection of your cars. In the Mod apk version, you will get all the cars unlocked from the very start of the game

Unlimited Fuel

When you run out of fuel in the game, you lose the game. Not only this, but you might crash your car and you have to repair it using coins. In the Mod apk version of the game, you get Unlimited fuel for your vehicle. You will never run out of fuel when you are using the Mod apk version of this game. You can drive your vehicle as long as you want without running low on fuel. This is an amazing feature of this game that makes the game exciting and easier for you.

No ads

Watching ads while playing games is disturbing as the ads drive your attention away from the game. We have also solved this problem in our Mod apk version. Now you can enjoy the ads-free game by installing the Mod apk version of the game from our website.

How to Install?

Follow these simple steps to install Dr. Driving mod apk on your device:

  • Delete the normal version of the game if it is already present in your device.
  • Install MOD apk version from our website.
  • Find the APK file in the documents or Download section of your device.
  • Wait till the installation process is complete.
  • Open the app and enjoy ads-free gaming.
  • You must Enable Unknown Sources from settings to install the APK file.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Dr. Driving Mod APK has several advantages that may make the game more comfortable and more enjoyable. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Mod APK version of the game:

  • Unlimited Coins are given to users.
  • Mod Users will get all the cars unlocked.
  • You will get Premium features unlocked.
  • Mod users can enjoy unlimited fuel for vehicles.
  • You will get Unlimited Rubies in the Mod APK version.
  • You can purchase all the in-game items free of cost.
  • You will get the latest version of the game from our website.
  • Ads free game.
  • The risk of the ban is the biggest disadvantage of the MOD apk version.
  • You may have to install some other files before the one you want.
  • Sometimes, the Modded versions are unsteady as compared to the normal version of the app.
  • Using the Mod apk version can cause data loss and you may lose your in-game progress.
  • Sometimes, you mistakenly download some other app instead of what you wanted to download. This can cause the loss of your precious time.

Some Hot Features in the mod APK of DR. Driving

Here are Some hot and exclusive Features of Dr. Driving Mod APK :

  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Unlimited Rubies
  • All the cars are unlocked
  • Unlimited fuel
  • plenty of missions


Dr. Driving Mod apk is the best racing simulation game. The game has many brilliant features that most of the racing games lack. The game has brilliant 3D graphics and precise controls. Also, various game missions are very exciting. I get special bonuses on multiple occasions in the game. With Unlimited money and other modified features, it would be great fun to play this game. In the Mod version, one can use any car in the game without unlocking it in the Modified version. 
The core gameplay is exciting and I can play this game for hours without getting bored.


Dr. Driving Mod apk is an exciting Racing game for people of all ages. You can get the best experience of virtual car driving in the game. All the vehicles are based on the real mechanics of these vehicles. It will help you understand the real physics of those vehicles. The 3D graphics of the game and easy game controls make the game more user-friendly. There are plenty of game missions in the game that keep the user engaged. With unlimited money in the Mod apk version, you can use any car. Other Modified features include All cars unlocked and unlimited fuel which makes that game more interesting for players. So, stop using the normal and boring version of the game and try this modified version now free of cost.


Yes, it is safe to download the Mod version of this game as it is malware-free.

Yes, the game is free to download: Original and MOD versions both.

Yes, you can download the game on both Android and iOS free of cost

Unlimited Gold Coins, Unlimited Rubies, All cars Unlocked

Yes, you can play the Mod apk version of the game on both mobile and PC.

  • OS: Windows 7 or above.
  • HDD: 5GB Free Disk Space.
  • Processor: AMD or Intel processor.
  • RAM: 4GB or more.

There is no age restriction on the game. The game can be played by the players of all ages.