RESORTOPIA MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Cookies)

Are you looking for a casual game to play in your leisure time? Here is an exciting casual game that you can play to spend your spare time having fun. Resortopia Mod apk is an exciting casual simulation game played all across the world. The game has many exciting features such as building and managing your resorts, fulfilling all the requirements of the customers to earn money, and expanding your resort to make it the most famous one in the town.

You will start from an old and finished restaurant with limited resources. You should make an effective strategy to develop this wrecked restaurant in a big and well-known resort in the town with limited resources. You should renovate and decorate your restaurant to attract more customers. As you proceed in the game, you can add plenty of new dishes to the restaurant and expand the size of your restaurant. 

In addition to the restaurant, you also have to manage your other buildings like the spa, gym, and salon to earn money from them. You should provide all the services in that building to satisfy your customers. 

With unlimited in-game resources and free shopping features in the Mod apk version, you can make this time-consuming process in a very short time.

SECURITY100 % SECURE | Personally Tested
MOD INFOUnlimited Money, Gems, Everything unlocked

introduction of RESORTOPIA Mod APK

Resortopia Mod apk is an interesting casual simulation game. The game has more than 5 million downloads and an extraordinary rating of 4.6 on Play Store which shows that this game is widely played all across the world because of its exciting features and gameplay. The game has simple controls. In the game, you have to run an old and wrecked restaurant with limited resources. You can renovate and maintain the resort to attract visitors to earn money. As you start earning, you can spend the money to decorate the resort. As you proceed in the game, you can also build different buildings such as spas, gyms, and salons to earn more profit. 


The game has many exciting features that keep you engaged throughout the game and make the gameplay addictive. Below are the details of significant features of the game:


Customize your Restaurant

The game begins with a wrecked restaurant. You have to change this old and wrecked restaurant into a beautiful and profitable restaurant. You can bring many positive changes to your restaurants such as customizing curtains, paints, bed accessories, and new paintings. You can attract more customers by customization and renovation and earn more money. There are many advanced customization options in Bike Clash Mod APK. Go and check these options.

You can build other useful buildings such as gyms, spas and resorts. You can provide multiple facilities at the gym and spa. In the spa, you can give many services like massage and facials. In the gym, you should provide all the services that every modern gym must-have. You can buy modern gym equipment for your gym. 

Building a Beauty Salon

In the game, you have an opportunity to build a beauty salon. You can provide all the services that any beauty salon must have. You should use modern equipment and salon machinery to provide these services. At your salon, you can offer the customers hair treatments and facial beauty treatments. Some people like to make unique hairstyles and do makeup. This beauty salon is an amazing opportunity for such people. Beauty salons will also generate more revenue for you in the game. 

Manage and Upgrade your Restaurant

In the game, you serve as a manager. You have to manage your restaurant. As a manager, you should spend the money wisely to attract more visitors to the restaurant. You should use your money for renovation and decoration. You should upgrade the decoration items from time to time to make your restaurant look more attractive.

Add a Variety of Dishes

In the game, you can add a variety of dishes to your restaurant. You can renew the menu of the restaurant by introducing new dishes. Adding more dishes to the menu results in generating more revenue for your restaurant. You can hire new cooks at your restaurants. You can also expand the area of your restaurant by adding more tables. You can also customize your dishes to make them look attractive. An attractive menu and dishes mean more customers at your restaurant and more revenue. 

Hiring Employees

As the requirement of your restaurant increases you can hire more employees at your restaurants. You can hire more chefs and waiters at your restaurant. Not only for restaurants but you can also hire employees for your salon, gym, and spa. More workforce means better performance of your restaurant, spa, salon, and gym.

Challenge mode

In the challenge mode, there are specific objectives for the players such as the task of managing resorts at any specific location like beach resort or ski resort. It keeps you engaged and makes the game interesting and more challenging.

Daily Task

You have several daily tasks at the game. You have to take care of every building you own. If anything needs to be fixed, fix it as early as you can.

Intuitive Controls

The game has simple game controls. You can control everything in the game easily with a few options shown on the screen. You can drag and drop things in your restaurant. In short, the game controls are very simple and easy to understand. Temple Run 2 Mod APK also features the intuitive game controls. You should also check that game.

Social features

Social features allow you to communicate with other players in the game. You can share your strategies and can also compete with each other in tournament mode. You can also visit the resort of other players to discover the services at their resort. This allows you to cooperate with other online players in the game and build a community among the players.


Modded Features of RESORTOPIA

In the Mod version, you get all the game currencies including unlimited cookies. Also, you can buy any item from the game shop free of cost in the Mod version. The details of all the Mod features of the game are given below:

Resortopia Unlimited Cookies

In the game, the basic currency is the cookies. You can use cookies to renovate and upgrade the buildings in the game. Other currencies in the game are candles, candy, and windmills. 

In the Mod apk version, you get infinite cookies and other currencies. Now you can purchase any item in the game without lacking money. So, download Resortopia cheat unlimited money now.

Free Shopping

In the Mod apk version, you get the special feature of free shopping. With this unique feature, you can buy any item free of cost. 

No ads

Watching ads while playing games is disturbing as the ads drive your attention away from the game. We have also solved this problem in our Mod apk version. Now you can enjoy the ads-free game by installing the Mod apk version of the game from our website.

How to Install?

Follow these simple steps to install the Resortopia Mod apk on your device:

  • Delete the normal version of the game if it is already present in your device.
  • Install MOD apk version from our website.
  • Find the APK file in the documents or Download section of your device.
  • Wait till the installation process is complete.
  • Open the app and enjoy ads-free gaming.
  • You must Enable Unknown Sources from settings to install the APK file.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Resortopia Mod APK has several advantages that may make the game more comfortable and more enjoyable. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Mod APK version of the game:

  • In the Mod version, you get unlimited Cookies.
  • You get unlimited candles and candies in the Mod version.
  • You will get unlimited windmills in the Mod version.
  • You can purchase all the in-game items free of cost.
  • You will get the latest version of the game from our website.
  • Ads free game.
  • The risk of the ban is the biggest disadvantage of the MOD apk version.
  • You may have to install some other files before the one you want.
  • Sometimes, the Modded versions are unsteady as compared to the normal version of the app.
  • Using the Mod apk version can cause data loss and you may lose your in-game progress.
  • Sometimes, you mistakenly download some other app instead of what you wanted to download. This can cause the loss of your precious time.

Some Hot Features in the mod APK of RESORTOPIA

Here are Some hot and exclusive Features of Resortopia Mod APK:

  • unlimited Cookies
  • unlimited candles
  • INFINITE candies
  • Unlimited windmills


One of the most satisfying casual games I have ever played. The experience of managing your resort is amazing. Besides resorts, the game also features other buildings such as spas, gyms, and salons that are a little bit hard but exciting to manage. The main aim of the game is to provide the best services to the customers and for this purpose, there is modern machinery available in the game. This machinery is expensive but ensures the customer’s satisfaction. 
This game is addictive and always keeps me busy as there are a lot of things to do in the game. I use pretty decoration items to attract customers. Also, I renovate all my buildings in the game from time to time. The Mod version of the game is amazing as you get unlimited cookies and other game currencies. Also, you can buy any item you want from the game shop free of cost. Because of these modified features, I prefer to play the Mod apk of Resortopia instead of the original version of this game.


Resortopia Mod apk is a casual simulation game in which you have to make a precise and effective strategy to convert an old and finished restaurant into a well-known restaurant in the town. You can also build a spa, gym, and salon to make money from them. At the spa, gym, and salon you should provide all the services that the customers require from you. The main aim of the game is to provide all the services to the customers. There is modern and advanced machinery in the game that you can use in your resort and spa for the satisfaction of the customers. 
You can also hire employees who help you in managing your business in the game.  The game controls are very simple. There are many special tasks and challenges that you have to complete to earn rewards. In the Modded version, you get unlimited cookies and a free shopping feature so that you can enjoy the game at the maximum level. So, stop playing the normal boring version and Resortopia Mod apk download now.


Yes, it is safe to download the Mod version of this game as it is malware-free.

Yes, the game is free to download: Original and MOD versions both.

No, the apk file is only compatible with Android.

Unlimited Cookies and other in-game currencies, Free shopping.

Yes, you can play the Mod apk version of the game on PC using emulators.

  • RAM: 4GB or more.
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or above.
  • HDD: 5GB Free Disk space,
  • Processor: AMD or Intel processor.