Apple music mod apk ( premium + unlocked ) v5.0.1 download 

NameApple music mod apk
Size20 Mb
RequirementsANDROID 5.1 OR HIGHER


A music app that is considered a sibling of the most incredible music app ever Spotify, Launched in back 2015, It picked up a boost and grew significantly and was also launched by Apple,

Apple Music is a subscription-based music app where you can listen to music online and offline both, It is one of the main reasons why it got popular overnight, 

Being available all over the world it has helped many music lovers to share music across the Nations,


A user can scroll online to find some new music experiences and can also download his favorite music to his device so that he can listen to it whenever he wants without even worrying about the availability of the internet,

Another feature that makes it special is that you can enable the auto download feature, The programmatic feature then will be responsible for downloading every song that you will listen to online because sometimes you may forget to download it manually,


What can be better for a music app than Apple Music which currently has more than 35 million songs which are increasing over time and in different categories and genres too,

Recommendation of your next favorite song

The app is powered by some Good ai, It tracks your music taste and then recommends you some similar music you love listening to with the same tunes and genres, To find new music with your favorite genres all you have to do is press the love button which is popping up 

Accessible music library across your different devices in Apple music apk

Music users often listen to the same kind of music all the time and may make Music libraries so they can listen to their favorite tracks in a line, Apple has designed this app in such a way that you can access this app on any other apple device too and listen to the same old tunes you used to listen in your old phone or if you are listening to it on any other device when your phone is not accessible.

 Lyrics of Music

Lyrics are an important part of music, music lovers may want to create a cover for their favorite tracks, It is there where this application helps them to create it with ease though, A User can listen to music on it and can read the lyrics at the same time on different locations such as on the app, or background too.

Listen to podcasts on the radio 

Users may get bored of listening to songs each time, So the app got everything in it, You can listen to podcasts ongoing on national radios, Daily podcasts on radios have something new every day, also different podcasts are being held on different channels so users can listen to their favorite ones which they may love because of the vast variety of content and an excellent user experience 

Different language music 

The variety of music doesn’t even end in genres in this app, there is a variety of genres but having access to songs of your mother language or any other area you visited can be a blessing too, the app has songs in more than five dozen languages making it even more special for the music lovers 

Customization of background themes

Users can also customize the background themes of their app according to their music taste, what can be better than having the same kind of theme back in your app background for the kind of music you enjoy 

Why Apple Music mod apk?

The normal version of the app is only limited to ios devices and is paid, Some of the features in the app are free to perform but for the ultimate and best experience you have to pay, Also not everyone can afford an apple device so, for this reason, the Apple music mod apk joins the party, You can download it on your android device and can access to paid features free of cost,

There is a disadvantage also, The mod apk data cannot be saved, if you delete the app you will lose access to all your saved songs and albums, also you have to set the theme again, But there’s an advantage also that you can download this apk free of cost every time from,

There are multiple paid themes available for free, The best thing is that they can be used on each and every platform with ease, Not like the original application where you have to own an ios device and also make in-app purchases to have access to the premium version,,

So what are you waiting for? Download it now and flex about your premium themes in your circle and social media apps .


It is a great application that helps you listen to your favorite music in or across borders as music doesn’t have any boundaries, you can listen to it while doing work and customize the background of the application according to your will which will make your experience better and enhanced, 

I often listen to different kinds of music here with different languages and often play low tunes that help me a better sleep

Yes! you can download and use the apple music mod apk for free from for your android device

Yes, the Moded version is free to use and has everything which is only available in the premium version